64819 – We Solve Problem

Problem № 64819 12-13

Authors: B.R. Frenkin, T.V. Kazitcina

On the tree sat 100 parrots of three kinds: green, yellow, multi-coloured. A crow flew past and croaked: “Among you, there are more green parrots than multi-coloured ones!” – “Yes!” – agreed 50 parrots, and the others shouted “No!”. Glad to the dialogue, the crow again croaked: “Among you, there are more multi-coloured parrots than yellow ones!” Again, half of the parrots shouted “Yes!”, and the rest – “No!”. The green parrots both told the truth, the yellow ones lied both times, and each of the multi-coloured ones lied once, and once told the truth. Could there be more yellow than green parrots?

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