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In the dense dark forest ten sources of dead water are erupting from the ground: named from N 1 to N 10. Of the first nine sources, dead water can be taken by everyone, but the source N 10 is in the cave of the dark wizard, from which no one, except for the dark wizard himself, can collect water. The taste and color of dead water is no different from ordinary water, however, if a person drinks from one of the sources, then he will die. Only one thing can save him: if he then drinks poison from a source whose number is greater. For example, if he drinks from the seventh source, then he must necessarily drink poison from the N 8, N 9 or N 10 sources. If he doesn’t drink poison from the seventh source, but does from the ninth, only the poison from the source N 10 will save him. And if he originally drinks the tenth poison, then nothing will help him now. Robin Hood summoned the dark wizard to a duel. The terms of the duel were as follows: each brings with him a mug of liquid and gives it to his opponent. The dark wizard was delighted: “Hurray, I will give him poison No. 10, and Robin Hood can not be saved!” And I’ll drink the poison, which Robin Hood brings to me, then ill drink the N10 poison and that will save me! ” On the appointed day, both opponents met at the agreed place. They honestly exchanged mugs and drank what was in them. However, afterwards erupted the joy and surprise of the inhabitants of the dark forest, when it turned out that the dark wizard had died, and Robin Hood remained alive! Only the Wise Owl was able to guess how Robin Hood had managed to defeat dark wizard. Try and guess as well.

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